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Group C / GTP racing

Kremer Porsche 962CK6/3 Nissan NPT-90 Spice Ford Cosworth SE90C Harrier Ford Cosworth GT1 
Prosport Ford Cosworth LM3000  Spice SE88C Harrier Ford Cosworth LR9 Porsche 934R
Porsche 934R Jaguar XJR-11 Spice Ford Cosworth SE90C Argo-Judd JM19C 
Porsche 962C Ecosse-Ford Cosworth C285  Porsche 962CK6/3 Jaguar XJR10 
Tiga-Rover GC286 Spice Ford Cosworth SE88C  Porsche 934R Jaguar XJR-11
Tiga-Rover GC287 Spice Ford Cosworth SE88C  Jaguar XJR10  EMKA Aston Martin 
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