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Alex Zanardi Harvey Death - Mini Covid-19 lockdown
Barry Vincent - Rover 800 Vitesse Rover Vitesse SD1 Jaguar XJR-14
Graham Powell - ERF ECX Neil Cunningham - Jaguar Mk1 Neil Cunningham - Jaguar Mk1
Graham Powell - ERF ECX Graham Powell - ERF ECX Kirill Ladygin - LADA 110
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Yvan Muller gets it all wrong Marshals struggle with Boardman's stricken Peugeot Marshals to the recue Marshals to the recue
Push ! Jim Edwards surveys the damage
Reid flashes past a marshal Daniel-Lee Stevens Daniel-Lee Stevens Kelvin Burt - Vauxhall Astra
Michael Bentwood Marshals to the rescue
Marshal collects a souvenier Rob Collard - Vauxhall Astra
Marshals recover Tom Onslow-Cole's Clio Marshals recover Tom Onslow-Cole's Clio Push !
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