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Crashes and near misses

Folder Alex Yoong (15)
V8 Supercar into the wall
Folder Ian Crombie (5)
Clubmans Cup spins into Brands gravel trap
Folder Alex Zanardi (5)
WTCC BMW spins into the gravel
Folder Jason Gault (3)
Somersaulting FF2000
Folder Ange Barde (7)
Ferrari 360 backwards into the tyrewall
Folder Kevin Williams (22)
Sierra Cosworth catches fire
Folder British GT (9)
TVR and Mosler tangle
Folder Michele Bartyan (4)
ETCC Alfa through the gravel
Folder BTCC (280)
British Touring Car Championship
Folder Porsche Cup (11)
Porsche Carrera Cup
Folder Clio Cup (81)
Renault Clio Cup
Folder SEAT Cupra (38)
SEAT Cupra Championship
Folder Eddie MacDonald (4)
Nascar Chevrolet loses a wheel
Folder Stefano D`Aste (5)
WTCC BMW spins into the gravel
Folder Emmett O`Brien (3)
WTCC BMW into the gravel
Folder Steve Adams (2)
Triumph Spitfire in the tyres
Folder FIA GT (5)
Two Porsches clash on the first corner of a 3hr race
Folder Stewart Whyte (12)
Honda Accord beached at Druids
Folder Gary Deane (15)
V8 Supercar spins
Folder Various (23)
Spins and crashes
Folder Gary Fletcher (3)
Sports 2000 into the gravel